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Electrical Engineering 525: Telecommunication Theory and Applications

The Electrical Engineering 525 course emphasizes the physical and data link layers, also known as the fiber and packet layers, of the OSI telecommunications model. These topics deal with the physical aspects and lower-level protocols of telecommunication networks including modulation formats, network efficiencies and throughput, fiber and copper cabling, media access control protocols, multiplexing and fundamental aspects of hauling data, voice and video traffic over LANs, MANs and WANs with examples drawn from POTS, ethernets, the Internet, fiber-to-the-home, and hybrid fiber/coax networks. The requisite mathematics is developed without assumption of prior knowledge. Topics include:

• General characteristics of traffic and networks, 
• Network architectures and MAC (media access control) protocols, 
• Physical layer constraints and requirements, 
• Multiplexing and modulation,
• Wireless standards and technologies, and
• Optical fiber and hybrid fiber/coax standards and technologies.

Course Syllabus:

For additional information about the course, please contact Dr. Scott Shepard (sshepard@latech.edu).